Now that you are parents, you more than likely, like millions of other parents, don’t have the same quality time together with your partner! It’s normal..the dynamic has changed.


Even though it’s more difficult to get those special quality time moments together..,you have to catch them when you can… or create them with determination!


Here are 5 ways that you can enjoy the ‘Love Is In The Air’ special moments together 🧡


1. Give yourself extra attention. As they say in Great Britain, “Get Lit Up’. Wear something extra nice that makes you feel extra chic. Remember how you used to take so much attention to how you looked when you first met your partner.


2. When your little angel/s are tucked up in bed asleep….make sure to enjoy an evening with your significant other.     Make it different from every other night. Light some candles, create a beautiful romantic table, put on some cool chilled music and enjoy eating something super tasty (easy to cook!)


3. Since we use our phones so much to send messages and look up information, check our social media accounts, send your partner some lovely messages. Even if the message is simply full of kisses, hearts or smiles.


4. When you are both sitting on the couch, enjoy massaging each other’s hands or feet, ankles and lower legs. Make time for these simple things that usually we don’t feel like we have time for anymore.


5. Do something out of the normal routine. As parents, routine is set in like stone as we need to have this routine for our kids. Take this evening out of the routine…and do things differently. Make sure to sit and eat at the table together. Instead of watching tv ..sit and talk. Get photos out of when you met, before kids and when your little angel/s were born 🧡