You’re not alone!  


Research shows that around 70 percent of U.S. moms admit that ‘mothering’ is “incredibly stressful.” 


Why is that?!


As a parent all sorts of reasons can create stress.  Some of the common stress factors are; 


financial insecurities and worries, lack of support, lack of ‘you time’, relationship issues, work related stress, lack of sufficient time to get things done, sleep deprivation and extreme fatigue, keeping on track of good parenting – struggling with maintaining balance within the family – healthy eating, early to bed routines and education development and behaviour issues..       the list could easily go on…


Stress, when not dealt with or channelled properly, can affect us and our family’s wellbeing. It can also have an effect on how sensitive or insensitive we respond to our kids.


Every parent that we have spoken to has told us that their kids have pushed their emotional and patience buttons causing them to shout or say something that they regretted afterwards. 


In hindsight, and upon reflection, parents often wished that they had reacted in a more grounded and less irritated way. 


Yet, with many of the above ‘stress factors’ in play, it can be very hard to keep one’s cool when kids are misbehaving or being extra demanding.


Knowing your stress signs is your first step to better managing your stress.


Learning to identify how you react to stress will help you know when your stress levels are rising, 


Common stress signs include: 


  • Rising blood pressure or spiked heart rate (this can make you feel a little dizzy). 


  • Speaking louder, yelling and fast rising irritability. 


  • Becoming more impatient or experiencing lapses in judgment.


  • Not listening to others reasoning


So how can you help yourself and avoid these unpleasant moments…?


Try these 7 Fast & Easy Immediate Stress Busters that you can try if and when you feel those stress levels rising…


  1. Take a break:                                                                                                      get away for just a few minutes, somewhere upstairs or in another room, to feel less overwhelmed. Giving yourself a brief “stress break” helps you to decompress or even just give a new perspective. 

  2. Learn deep breathing or meditation:                                                         Deep abdominal breathing is proven to help moderate stress and help the body relax – it helps get oxygen circulating around the body and helps decontraction in the muscles.

  3. Get Outside In The Fresh Air:                                                                        step outside in to the fresh air and do 10 large arm circles and take a few breaths of fresh air – make sure you know that your kids are safe for the few moments that you leave the room!

  4. Call someone with whom you can have a quick chat and verbally let off steam:                                                                                                             When we empty our bag verbally it can really help offload some of the tensions and stress.  A simple quick chat can hugely help us to better deal with the situation at hand

  5. Dance:                                                                                                                 Get some cool upbeat music on, get your kids up from whatever they are doing and all dance together.  This changes the moment from a stressful situation to a more fun one. It helps you to channel out your stress and moves your kids away from their actions that were stressing you out.

  6. Walk With The Kids:                                                                                     getting you and your kids out of the house can be a great way to decrease your stress levels. As soon as you feel your stress levels rising, get yours and their shoes on and take a break outside. Even if it is nighttime then take out the garbage together!

  7. Take 5 then Talk:                                                                                  sometimes it’s just simply important for you to talk to the kids and explain. Take a few minutes for yourself, somewhere in the house. Make sure that the kids are safe during those few minutes. Getting a few minutes helps you regain perspective. When you return to the room with your kids, sit calmly and explain in a simple format what you can and can’t do at that moment and why! Sometimes kids just need to hear reason and see and hear you explain it.


So the next time you feel those stress levels rising.. apply the above solutions 😊