Why is sleep important for your baby?


We all know and understand that sleep is so important to our daily and long term health.


Regular good nights sleep helps us maintain balance in our every day with eating, exercise, making decisions, communicating, thinking, problem solving and keeping up a good mood..avoiding too many grumpy moments….!


As a parent, you will know when your baby and kids have had a good sleep as they’ll be more upbeat, smiley and more likely to generally behave better.


This generally creates more harmony in the household.


For babies, however, there are even stronger benefits to having regular and sufficient sleep…


  • proper brain development requires sufficient and good quality sleep.

  • when babies are asleep, they are dreaming a lot of the time. Researchers have discovered that when a baby dreams, it stimulates the baby’s brain and assists in its healthy development.

  • The first 6 months for a baby is crucial for developing good sleeping skills. During these early months the baby’s sleep patterns will mature most quickly and will set up the foundation for the years to come.

  • research has shown that insufficient sleep in infancy has been linked to obesity, as a child and as an adult.

  • research has also shown that sufficient sleep as a child can decrease the chance of general health problems and also emotional difficulties like depression and anxiety.

  • an overtired child will find it much more difficult to settle. Whereas a child who has regular sufficient sleep, will settle much easier and will also have a better nights sleep.

For parents with a new baby, it is so important for the parents to get as much sleep whenever they can. This will help them to stay healthy, balanced and calmer when managing their busy days.