5 health benefits for kids                             playing outdoors

Remember life before the internet and all of these computer games and apps!

Here are some really strong health advantages for your kids to play outside rather than sit for too many hours in front of a screen..


Being Outside Can…..


  • Improve vision. A study published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology found that many kids who spend more time playing outdoors are at a reduced risk of developing “myopia,” otherwise known as ‘nearsightedness’

  • Promote social skills. Kids meeting other kids in the park can help increase social skills, increase self-confidence and help strengthen creative thinking and team work skills.

  • Increase attention span. When kids are actively playing, their attention span is increased because of their physical, emotional and mental active engagement in to an activity.

  • Reduces stress. It has been proven time over time that when stress occurs in the body, getting outdoors and physically moving around in the fresh air, can hugely help reduce emotional and mental stress. This is fundamental for kids.

  • Increases vitamin D levels. The simple fact of being out in the fresh air, means that your kids will have natural light on their skin which brings them a supply of Vitamin D.

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